i am hakka

ngai heh hak yin ("i am a hakka person" 我是客家人)

no i am not part of the New Zealand's all black. but I am a malaysian/swedish Hakka.in the chinese  language (客家) which is pronouced - Kèjiā which literally means guest family. why they are called guest families because hakka people are nomads traditionally so we are always a guest in some people's land. i have yet to figure out my entire family history but my paternal grandparents and my maternal great grandparents came from China. they migrated from china, now which part of china i do not know, as they passed away before my awakening.  when i was finally interested, none of my parents and their relatives know where or when they came. i don't even know why they came. but i assume, like everyone else who migrated, it was either for a better life or an opportunity presented itself. hakka people are migratory people and you can see evidence of it in they way they cook. my mother is cantonese, my wife is hokkien, the hakka clan are good at preserved food because they have to be on their journey all the time, they have to eat and cook on the road and bring them along their journey and the only way to bring them on their journey as there were no refrigeration and the silk road and major parts of china are desert lands. so they have to bring preserved food and they perfected the art of preservation. and traditional preservation are uses salt and sour preservatives. they say chinese people live to eat and you can tell how hey are by the food they cook, my mom is Cantonese and thus she cooks clear food as opposed to dark with a lot of dark soy sauce. people in china can tell which province you are from by the food they serve you. my wife is hokkien, so most of the food that they cook are dark with lots of dark soy sauce.

my own life is also never grounded in one place, i love to travel and i have been migrating my wholee life. i was born in Malaysia but i studied in the United Kingdom, then went to the US after coming back from UK. i then migrated to Singaporelived for 12 years before moving again to Sweden. but in between i was assigned to Jakarta, Indonesia Seoul, south Korea, i wouldn't say i migrated but i lived there for the medium term. jakarta was easier as i spoke a variant of the language but Korea was different, although i did start to learn the language and it suited me because it was a technical and logical language so it suited me, i got to the point of being able to read it but my vocabulary was limited, so i could read but not understand. but that is a challenge for another day. i do wish to master it and chinese in time to come. but first swedish. it will be on another post titled Swedish for English speakers.