made it to summer - day 3/36525

7 months ago, i wondered if i can get to summer, i doubted myself, i was wondering if i needed to pack my bags then and leave before hitting summer, arriving to summer i now wonder how the next 10 years is going to be, i have to go through 10 more cycles of this. i have my dreams of what happens when i write the last post day 36525/36525 i  also wondered wheat will the route i will be taking,  there are possibly 2 paths that might happen

  1. accept, retrain and rebuild my life from here. i start with  a broken body so there will be a lot to do and a lot of fixes to do before continuing my journey. i have to heal first
  2. somehow, come across an insane amount of money that will help relief the pressure of making sure the family is taken care of and i can start a new journey in:

2.1. drop shipping

2.2. certified physiotheraphy and neuroscience.

life flashes in front of me

my physical ability has diminished a lot, and when i finally get to use my packable kayak, i over estimate my ability to manage a kayak, i couldn't stay stable i rolled the kayak and fell overboard, in so doing that, i lost my spectacles. i also panicked and hung on to my dear life