the greta manifesto

the greta manifesto
greta at the parliment protesting

if you haven't heard of this wonderful 16 year old that chose to give up her fridays to protest and stand up for her future. her message is clear:

it is now not time for civil disobedience.
it is now time to rebel

i must admit i would have continue on with life ignoring the issues facing the climate crisis and would have not done anything to act and decisions i make would be very different if i am not living in europe now,

so i have been thinking what can i do to partner with greta to help fight climate change. if i don't act, what is the alternative?

*just let the world self destruct, we don't deserve it anyway
*live my life as it is, i won't be here long enough to see the world end

that is a grim outlook on the world and those we will leave behind. but knowing there are future generations to come, the little i do now, however little, will be worth it. yes as one born in 1975, i have contributed to my fair share to the destruction of the climate. when Greta declares that our generation fucked it up, i take that as it me inclusive, yes i have not  created industries that influenced government and exploited  fossil fuels.but as a consumer, i have added to the mounting pressure. today, greta closed her talk by saying that

yes hope is needed and all the ideas are good and is required
but the time of pep talk is over it doesn't work, it is time to act

greta has a manifesto, you can read an abridged version here or watch her speech here:

greta at tedX stockholm

so here is my personal manifesto in support of and in partnership with greta:

  1. change my mindset on the climate
  2. stop actively consuming more fossil fuel
  3. support greta to spread her message
  4. start preparing the next generation for a new future
  5. move off meat and go vegan

yes there are some unavoidable exceptions, but how i decide towards that consuming or buying anything has now drastically change like. yes travel is good but i rather travel by train as opposed to flying,except flying back home from europe, there is no real train service to cover 1500kms and cover it in due time. however travelling for work, i have told my boss that i rather be taking the train for another reason other than the climate issue, although it is related, i could bring my electric  unicycle and move around the city that way.

i am also trying to be vegan at the same time as meat production is also quite harmful to the environment