No it has nothing to do with being nude or naked. The first time i was aware of the term body weight training was when I saw a YouTube clip by Frank Medano. Not only did he specialized in body weight workout he was also a vegan. It gave my brain a a bit of a scrambling like scrambled eggs scrambled. It didn't make sense to me how could someone be so shredded doing only body weight exercise and a vegan. I always thought you needed meat to be muscular. To be more accurate, one needed protein.

That is where I started to find out more and trying to develop my own mindset in muscle and fitness development. Exercise and fitness wasn't new to me but it has always been a practical one. Run and you'll build stamina and endurance. Lift weights and you'll build muscle. My rudimentary understanding of the body and how they are developed needed to be changed and interwoven with my own practical experience. It has to, to help me improve my own body.

I was at a time where I not only needed change my fitness level but also change my body image. I had some medical problems possibly a year to a year and half ago and it came close to disabling my mental and physical abilities. So I started doing something about it. I started to cycle intensively about a year ago and have changed my health to a more controlled level. At that time, the importance of being healthy and a good fitness level struck me. It was mostly taken for granted as I have always been fit growing up. I was involved in martial arts since I was 7 and flexibility, stamina and endurance was drilled into me. It was second nature to run, expand and contract my muscles and executing feats of acrobatic martial arts kicks. I was on the path of doing a a higher, a stronger and more efficient kicks or rather kick. You see I specialise in the reverse swing kick or today it is known as the reverse back hook/reverse turning kick. More about how I get to this at a later posts called building muscle memory and stregthening it.

As part of my program to develop wellness in my whole being I had to also strengthen my mental abilities because almost everything stem from there - persistence, motivation, perserverence, body control, self control, confidence, gumption, and every thing we find hard to do, your brain provides the extra something-something. I spoke to a dear friend who is also a chiropractor and her connection to the medical community and one of the things she told me is the brain is an interesting organ, it is not a muscle but it acts like one but unlike any other organ or muscle, once it is damaged (especially the neurons - the equivalent of muscle fibers for the brain) it cannot heal or be repaired. Once you lose a neuron, you lose it forever. However the brain is also highly flexible and adaptable. Other parts of the brain can take over the functions of the brain that was lost. One way to train the brain is to do things that are not normallyh done. Like use your non dominant hand to do what are the normally done by the dominant hand. So this is how I got back into acting. A skill and talent that I forgotten for awhile. But getting back into acting means that I have to get into shape to get the roles I want after I gotten some tips from model and talent agencies about image. So fuel with both health and image, I was determined to get myself into the right body ratio. They are both closely related anyway and once you change one, the other will change. It is the fine tuning that is hard.