Neuroplasticity and our ability to mentally adapt

It all started with last night's late night facebook catch up and what caught my eye as usual was bicycles.

This is intriguing to me because of my history with cognitive impairment. No I am not crazy. However it only proves to me that the brain can be taught to do other things and to take over other functions of the brain if they are damaged in other areas. That is why sometimes even when people have stroke or having signs of small strokes in the brain, it doesn't completely disables the person. It also explains why some stroke victims recover better and faster than other people. Barring any major areas being affected.

The key is the persistence to learn again. How quickly one progresses depends on this neuroplasticity. In future posts, I want to explore what we can do to improve neuroplasticity

Michael Foong

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Neuroplasticity and our ability to mentally adapt
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