Half-Dome, Yosemite

I climbed Half Dome, Yosemite twice over 2 weekends consecutively back in 2000. Funny story actually. I had friends who wanted to climb Half Dome but one group wanted to go one weekend and another group wanted to go another weekend. I decided to join both groups. I fell in love after the first weekend, i was eager to go again the next weekend. Well, i was fitter then. Not as fit as the climbing legend Dave Porter who speed climbed the flat side Half Dome without equipment, he passed away due to a Base Jumping accident recently, God rest his soul, but for this old mountain goat, I was quite the athlete.

Running my life right now is requires a little fitness of my own. Physically and Mentally. I wish I have had better timing and slightly more money to run my start-up, my hobbies and my life, but as I learnt about climbing mountains, sometimes all it takes is one sure footing at a time. It might be slow and the road seems long but perseverance will take you through round the dark corner, with other people on the road competing with you to the top. Eventually, you will get up there and the light will be bright and the view. Incredible.

Climb that mountain